Dec 05, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing Leadership Badge

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The following sections were revised from the original Nursing Leadership Proposal: 1) Required Badge Courses, 2) Skillsets, and 3) Evaluation & Proficiency Activity. See sections below for this information.

Required Badge Courses

To complete a Nursing Leadership badge, the student will be required two nursing leadership courses, worth 7 credit hours, of the following courses: 1) NUR 817-Quality and Leadership in Healthcare Systems (4 credit hours), and 2) NUR 819-Economic and Finance in Healthcare Systems (3 credit hours). Students are required to earn a “B” or better in each course.


The student will develop a specific skillset for nurses serving as leaders and managers of academic or healthcare environments. Overall, the student will have an opportunity to: 1) enhance their leadership and management skills, 2) apply strategies for managing health care delivery within organizations, 3) recognize changes that impact performance and outcomes management, 4) and plan for fiscal management. 

Evaluation & Proficiency Assessment

In the courses, summative evaluation will continually be used to determine student’s progress in each course, through students’ completion of course assignments and discussion boards. Formative evaluation will be measured through assessment of final grades and student evaluations of the course. Course faculty will use these measures/methods to revise the course, when needed.

Upon completion of all badge courses, the student will complete a Proficiency Assessment that demonstrates synthesis of knowledge acquired through completing the required badge courses. For the Proficiency Assessment, the student will submit a paper on the following case study and answer the designated components. The Case Study is as follows:

You are hired as a nurse manager for an in-patient, medical-surgical care unit, located in a large, urban hospital. In addition, you were hired to improve the unit’s financial outcomes and enhance the quality of care. Specific instructions on formatting the paper will be provided in the paper assignment. Discuss the following points in your paper:

  • Apply a leadership and management theory that you will use to make changes to the unit and state your reason (s) for using these theories.
  • Discuss the use of various resources, such as benchmarks and best practices, for analyzing clinical patterns within a clinical unit.
  • Discuss key considerations when planning a fiscal budget for a large medical- surgical unit.
  • Discuss how reimbursement models can affect the financial viability of the medical-surgical unit and the health care organization.

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