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2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Library and Information Science MLIS

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The School of Library and Information Science offers the Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree, Accelerated Master’s Option (AMO), and a dual MLIS/MA in Anthropology, History, or Political Science. The MLIS is a fully online program accredited by the American Library Association.

The Master of Library and Information Science prepares qualified individuals for professional roles in libraries, archives, and other information environments with appropriate knowledge and skills to serve the information needs of their communities. The MLIS offers coursework that meets K-12 school licensure requirements for the state of Mississippi. Students who intend to seek licensure in another state should verify that this program of study meets the desired state’s licensure requirements. To identify the person who can assist you with professional licensure questions, please see the Professional Licensure Disclosure page. 

Admission Requirements

In addition to the requirements detailed in Admission Requirements and Procedures , applicants must submit the following documents:

  1. Statement of Purpose: In a 1-2 page essay, describe your background and interests in library and information science, the types of libraries, archives, or repositories of interest, and what your potential contributions to the career field are.
  2. Letters of Recommendation: Two letters of recommendation on institutional letterhead stationary from professionals and/or professors attesting to the applicant’s readiness for graduate work.
  3. Résumé

Program Requirements and Academic Policies

In addition to the requirements detailed in General Degree Requirements  and General Academic Information , students must earn a minimum grade of “B” in the following foundational courses: LIS 501 , LIS 505 , and LIS 511 .

The certificates in the School of Library and Information Science may be earned with or post-MLIS degree or as a postmaster’s certificate for those holding a master’s degree in a related field. If earned together with the MLIS, 12 approved hours can be counted toward both the certificate and the MLIS degree. Students pursuing the MLIS and a certificate from the School of Library and Information Science simultaneously must complete all coursework within 6 academic years, after which course revalidation will be required.

Accelerated Master’s Option (AMO) Requirements

Senior undergraduate students in the Library and Information Science program who have a GPA of 3.5 or higher qualify may take up to 9 credit hours of graduate credit coursework in the following cross-listed elective courses during their senior year.  These courses will count toward both the BS degree and MLIS degree at the undergraduate tuition rate:

  • LIS 406/506 – - Cataloging Multimedia Objects 3 hrs.
  • LIS 416/516 – - Technology in the School Library 3 hrs.
  • LIS 433/533 – History of the Book (3 hrs)
  • LIS 417/517 – - Literature and Related Media for Children 3 hrs.
  • LIS 418/518 – - Literature and Related Media for Young Adults 3 hrs.
  • LIS 419/519 – - Programs and Services for Youth 3 hrs.
  • LIS 428/528 – - Storytelling 3 hrs.
  • LIS 433/533 - History of the Book 3 hrs.
  • LIS 440/540 – - Information Ethics 3 hrs.
  • LIS 445SL/545SL – - Sources of Information for a Multicultural Society 3 hrs.
  • LIS 457/557 – - Information Technology and Libraries 3 hrs.
  • LIS 458/558 – - Web Design and Evaluation 3 hrs.

To qualify for the Accelerated Master’s Option, the student must:

  1. Have completed a minimum of 90 hours of graded undergraduate coursework. 
  2. Have completed at least 15 hours of undergraduate LIS coursework with no grade lower than a “C”.
  3. Have a minimum 3.5 undergraduate cumulative grade point average.

The student’s undergraduate advisor and the school director will review the application. If approved for the program, the student must:

  1. Submit an Undergraduate Out-Of-Career Course form to the Graduate School before registering for any graduate-level course.  In order to receive proper academic credit and reduced tuition rates, this form is required prior to registration.
  2. Maintain a minimum 3.5 undergraduate cumulative grade point average.
  3. Complete each graduate course with no grade lower than a “C” (for credit toward completion of the undergraduate degree). However, higher standards apply for students who intend to complete the MLIS and acceptance into the AMO does not guarantee admission into the MLIS program. Students must apply for graduate admission into the MLIS program. Please refer to Admission Requirements and Procedures  for general application guidelines and to the admission requirements in this section for additional program-specific information.

MLIS/ MA in Anthropology, History, or Political Science Requirements (61 hours)

The dual degrees in MLIS/MA Anthropology MA,, MLIS/MA History MA,, and MLIS/MA Political Science MA requires (31) hours in Library and Information Science and thirty (30) hours in the other field of study, respectively. Students must be admitted separately to each program and the requirements for both degrees must be satisfied before the dual degree is awarded.

LIS requirements (31 hours):

The Anthropology and Political Science admission and course requirements in these dual degree programs are outlined in the School of Social Science and Global Studies   section of this Bulletin.

The History admission and course requirements in this dual degree program are outlined in the School of Humanities  section of this Bulletin.



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