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2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Army ROTC Program

Program of Instruction

The ROTC program of instruction is divided into two courses: the basic course and the advanced course. The full program encompasses four years, but several options for lateral entry and compression are available.

The basic course consists of two years of instruction and is one method of entry into the advanced course. The basic course is introductory in nature, and no military obligation is incurred.

The advanced course is designed to prepare selected cadets for commissioning in the United States Army. All academic majors are accepted, and the Army ROTC may apply toward satisfying the requirements for an academic minor. Successful completion of a five-week advanced summer camp at Fort Knox, KY and recommendation by the professor of military science are required for commissioning. The advanced course student is paid a $450 per month tax-free subsistence allowance during his junior year of the advanced course and $500 during his senior year. Active duty and reserve commissions are earned. A recipient of a reserve commission may opt for a short period of active duty and then join a reserve or National Guard unit.

Basic course and advanced course students will be required to attend daily physical training sessions, a weekly leadership laboratory and participate each semester in practical training exercises at Camp Shelby.

All advanced course cadets are required to complete a course or demonstrate proficiency in military history.

Two-Year Program

A two-year program leading to a commission is available to the following categories of students:

  1. A veteran whose military record is evaluated by the professor of military science and determined to have the necessary background for acceptance into the advanced course
  2. Students who did not take the basic course during the freshman and sophomore years but who successfully complete a four-week leadership training course at Fort Knox, KY prior to applying for or while enrolled in the advanced course
  3. Students who are currently enlisted in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves

Extracurricular and Enrichment Activities

ROTC cadets have the opportunity to participate in several professional organizations within the Corps of Cadets. These include the Scabbard and Blade (honorary military society), Color Guard and Ranger Challenge Team.