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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education BS Degree Requirements (121 hours)

Degree Plan (ELEDK-8BS)

General Education Curriculum

GEC 01. Written Communication (6 hours)

GEC 02. Natural Science (8-10 hours minimum)

Select 2 courses with labs:

GEC 03. Humanities (9 hours)

GEC 04. Aesthetic Values (3 hours)

Select 1 course:

GEC 06. Mathematics (3 hours)

Select 1 course:

GEC 07. Writing-Intensive Requirement (Major Area)

GEC 08. Speaking Intensive Requirement (3 hours)

 Select 1 course:

GEC 09. Capstone Requirement (Major Area)


*This course satisfies both the GEC requirement and a program requirement for this major.

**This particular GEC course is recommended by this major.

***This course does not satisfy prerequisites for any other math course.

GEC 07 - GEC 09 courses are specific to this major.

For full description of the GEC, see here .

Program Curriculum

Licensure: This program is designed to meet the licensure requirements of the State of Mississippi Department of Education. Students who plan to complete this program should consult the Teacher Education Program Requirements  for program admission, progression, and teacher candidacy requirements.

DEG 01. Major Area of Study Requirements (62 hours)

DEG 03. Endorsement Requirement (6-21 hours)

This program of study requires the completion of at least one content endorsement area. Each endorsement area requires a total of 18-21 hours. However, because the degree plan includes several content-specific courses and depending on the endorsement area selected, students must complete between 6 and 21 hours to satisfy this requirement. Typical endorsement areas for Elementary Education majors are listed below. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) satisfy a degree plan requirement and an endorsement area requirement. All courses require a minimum grade of C. Remedial courses do not count toward endorsement.

English Endorsement

Complete ENG 101 *, ENG 102 *, ENG 203 *, one course from ENG Grammar/Literature/Writing*, and 6 hours of ENG electives.

Foreign Language Endorsement

Complete 18 hours from any one foreign language.

General Science Endorsement

Complete two GEC 02 Natural Science courses*, SME 432 *, and 7 hours of science electives from BSC, CHE, ESC, GLY, MAR, or PHY.

Mathematics (7-8) Endorsement

Complete MAT 101 *, MAT 210 *, MAT 310 *, CIE 301 *, and 9 hours of MAT electives.

Mathematics (7-12) Endorsement

Complete MAT 103 , MAT 115 , MAT 326 , MAT 340 , MAT 370 , and 2 courses from MAT 167 , MAT 168 , MAT 169 

This endorsement is course-specific; no substitutions allowed.

Social Studies Endorsement

Complete CIE 305 *, GHY 101 *, HIS 101 *, HIS 102 *, and 6 hours of electives from ANT, ECO, GHY, HIS, PS, or SOC.

Hours to Degree

121 hours are needed to graduate with a BS in Elementary Education. At least 50 percent of the hours applied to a degree at The University of Southern Mississippi must be earned from a senior college, and 30 of these hours must be in courses numbered 300 or above. The student must earn at least 21 of the last 30 hours of course work and at least 12 hours in the major area of study from Southern Miss. See Residence Hour Requirements  for more information.