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2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Kinesiology (Kinesiotherapy) BS

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Current employment settings and duties of program graduates for registered kinesiotherapists are in Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, public and private hospitals, medical fitness facilities, rehabilitation facilities, learning disability centers, schools, colleges and universities, private practice and as exercise consultants. The types of treatments carried out by kinesiotherapists focus on, but are not limited to, therapeutic exercise, ambulation training, geriatric rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, prosthetic/orthotic rehabilitation, psychiatric rehabilitation and driver training.

Upon successful completion of course work, graduates are eligible for the Kinesiotherapy Registration Examination administered by the Council on Professional Standards for Kinesiotherapy (COPSKT).

Kinesiology (Kinesiotherapy) BS Degree Requirements (124 hours)  

Kinesiology (Kinesiotherapy) BS Semester Guide  

Availability: Hattiesburg Campus

Admission Requirements:

Program Academic Policies and Requirements:

  • See University Academic Policies and Requirements  
  • Program Progression Standards: The following progression policies apply to all students in the kinesiotherapy program as well as students transferring to the program:
    • A minimum grade of C or better in BSC 250 , BSC 250L , and PSY 110 .
    • A minimum cumulative USM degree GPA of 2.5 or above (calculated on all USM and transfer coursework, excluding remedial coursework)
    • A minimum program curriculum GPA of 2.5 or above;
    • A minimum grade of B in each of the following courses: KIN 301 THY 412 , THY 413 , THY 414 , THY 415 , THY 421 , THY 422 , THY 451 , THY 460 , THY 470   
    • A minimum grade of C in all remaining program curriculum required courses.
  • Probation and Dismissal Standards
    • Students will be given one opportunity to repeat a course in which they failed to achieve the minimum required grade. Students failing to achieve the minimum required grade on the second attempt will be dismissed from the program for a minimum of one semester. A student dismissed from the program may submit a written petition to the coordinator of kinesiotherapy for consideration for readmission to the program.
    • Students who fail to maintain a minimum program curriculum GPA of 2.5 will be placed on program probation for one semester. During this time, the student may take other courses at the University, but cannot enroll in program-specific courses. Students who fail to earn a minimum program curriculum GPA of 2.5 by the following semester will be dismissed from the program.

Clinical Internship Experiences: Students must complete two semesters of clinical internships (THY 460  and THY 470 ) in an approved clinical setting. Students must register for THY 421  concurrently with THY 470 . At least one semester of internship must be completed at a Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Kinesiotherapy Program (KT).  Prior to beginning the clinical internship, students must have successfully completed all General Education and Program Curriculum (DEG 01 and DEG 02) requirements (to include minimum letter grade requirements for all required courses), have a minimum program curriculum (all DEG 01 and DEG 02 coursework only) GPA of 2.5, and have current certification in CPR/AED.


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