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2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics BS

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The Bachelor of Science in mathematics is based on a flexible curriculum so that individual students may tailor their degree to fit specific educational and career objectives. The BS in mathematics provides a sound foundation for a broad latitude of careers in education, industry, business and government. Many of today’s challenging careers call for continuing education beyond the bachelor’s degree, and an undergraduate major in mathematics provides a versatile avenue for preparing for advanced studies in a number of fields, including mathematics, computer science, statistics, management science, actuarial science, mathematics education and engineering.

Mathematics BS Degree Requirements (124 hours)  

Mathematics BS Semester Guide  

Availability: Hattiesburg Campus and Gulf Park Campus

Admission Requirements: See University Admission Policies  

Program Academic Policies and Requirements:

Program Recommendations:

  • Students who have completed a college preparatory program in high school and have an ACT Mathematics subscore ≥ 26 should begin their university mathematics programs with calculus (MAT 167 ). Students without this background should elect appropriate mathematics courses in consultation with their academic advisors.
  • Mathematics majors should take MAT 340  and MAT 326  concurrently with the calculus sequence because they serve as prerequisites to many advanced mathematics courses.
  • The mathematics faculty recommends that and that they obtain two-year proficiency in one of the following languages: French, German, Italian or Russian.
  • The mathematics major who intends to pursue a career in actuarial science should include MAT 320 , MAT 418 , MAT 419 , MAT 420 , MAT 426 MAT 460 , MAT 461  and MAT 482  in his or her program. In addition, this student should elect to take REI 325  and REI 326 , as well as a course in macroeconomics and a course in management.

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