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2018-2019 Graduate Bulletin 
2018-2019 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Relations, M.S.

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All students pursuing a major in public relations must complete the following requirements:

Thesis, major project, or internship* (3 hours)

Mass Communication Electives (9 hours)


*Students seeking the master of science degree with a major in public relations may choose between a thesis and a nonthesis option. Six hours credit is given for a thesis and three hours for a major project or internship.

A minimum of thirty (30) semester hours must be completed, including thesis, major project, or internship. At least eighteen (18) of these hours must be numbered 600 or above. All candidates for the master of science degree with a major in public relations must pass comprehensive written examinations, and either submit and defend a scholarly thesis, or complete a major project, or serve an approved internship. A 3.0 GPA is required for graduation.

Candidates with undergraduate deficiencies must take undergraduate courses to correct the deficiency without receiving graduate credit for the additional coursework. Candidates with few undergraduate deficiencies may be permitted by their academic committees to complete a graduate minor pertinent to their area of specialized practice, e.g., social work, public administration, business administration, or criminal justice.

Continuous Enrollment Requirement. Students are expected to enroll continuously after they have taken required coursework until they complete their degree following guidelines published under the General Degree Requirements  section of this Graduate Bulletin.

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