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2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Laboratory Science (MLT to MLS completion), B.S. Semester-by-semester Guide

Freshman and Sophomore years

Available only to students who have graduated from an accredited MLT program with at least an associate of applied science degree and who are certified as a MLT. Students must be employed at a full-service laboratory at which they can demonstrate competency in specific areas of laboaratory testing. The laboratory must be willing to sign a contract with the university before competency can be evaluated and awarded. Students must meet all USM General Education Curriculum and Program Curriculum requirements as listed on the degree plan. Upon admission to the university, the student's transcript will be evaluated by a department advisor to determine which GEC and/or prerequisite courses are needed prior to enrolling in upper-level MLS courses. Therefore, this guide reflects the Program Curriculum requirements for this degree plan and is for illustrative purposes only. Individual advisement plans will vary.


1st semester (15 hours)



This degree plan requires a total of 124 hours, of which 62 hours must be from a senior institution, and 45 hours must be 300/400 level. Students must meet all USM General Education Curriculum, Program requirements, and Technical Elective requirements as listed on the degree plan. Please refer to the Undergraduate bulletin or consult a departmental advisor for assitional information about GEC, hours, GPA, and degree progression requirements.