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2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry (Licensure), B.S. Semester-by-semester Guide

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1) The following should be included in the semester-by-semester guides:

        * Second Licensure (at least 21 credit hours; optional but highly recommended):
(12 additional hours if PHY 201/L and PHY 202/L are chosen): PHY 327/L and PHY 341/L and PHY 361/L

          Biology (15 additional hours; BSC 110/L and BSC 111/L cover 8 hours): BSC 201/L and BSC 226/L and BSC 370 and 3 hours of a 300 or 400 level BSC elective

          General Science (8 additional hours; the BSC courses cover 8 hours, the PHY courses cover 8-10 hours): GLY 101/L and GLY 103/L

2) Licensure students must complete the core requirements in their first two years before admission to teacher education (Gold Card). The scheduled course sequence, which includes > 2 historically challenging courses, reflects that requirement.

3) The 12 hours in the second semester of the senior year represent the required off-campus student teaching experience. Licensure students do not take any other classes during their final semester.

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