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2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Library and Information Science

The School of Library and Information Science offers a course of study leading to a Master of Library and Information Science degree. Since the first master’s degree in library science was awarded in 1965, the program has continued to grow and develop into a comprehensive instructional program for students who plan to become information professionals. The program prepares professional librarians in public, school, academic, or special libraries as well as other information respositories such as archives. For the general university graduate student, the school offers a variety of courses for acquiring skills in the use of library and other information resources as research tools. Finally, the school performs a vital role in the continuing development and expansion of library services at all levels in the state of Mississippi, as well as across the United States. Currently, our courses are delivered online with required real-time chats.

The graduate curriculum in library and information science provides instruction in the following areas of librarianship: archives; database searching; information science; reference; cataloging and classification; digital libraries; metadata; library mangement; children’s literature, history of the book, young adult literature, history of libraries, library programs for children and youth and more.


The Master of Library and Information Science degree is accredited by the American Library Association. The school is also an institutional member of the American Library Association and the Association for Library and Information Science Education. The school is active in the Special Libraries Association, the Southeastern Library Association, the Mississippi Library Association, the Society of American Archivists and the Society of Mississippi Archivists.

Mission of the Master’s Program in Library and Information Science

The mission of the School of Library and Information Science is to prepare qualified individuals for professional roles in libraries, archives and other information environments with appropriate knowledge and skills to serve the information needs of their communities.


The School of Library and Information Science is committed to:

  • Student-centered learning: We are committed to cultivating an active, student-centered learning community.
  • Diversity: We recognize and value the diversity of modern society and support inclusiveness in learning.
  • Intellectual freedom: We embrace the ideals of intellectual and academic freedom and strive to nurture an open, respectful learning environmental for the free exchange of ideas.
  • Service: Because we believe that it is a core of the profession, we support service at all levels and encourage ongoing professional development as a means of enhancing skills and knowledge.
  • Community: We believe in creating, fostering, and participating in learning and research communities that span borders on state, national, and international levels.
  • Research: We believe that research is an essential part of scholarship, not just for the creation of new knowledge but also for the support of teaching and learning and the sharing of new knowledge with multiple communities of interest.


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