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2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast

Academic Programs

The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast provides a flexible delivery system designed to meet the educational needs of Coast citizens. Consequently, new courses and programs are added as student demand warrants and resources permit. A sufficient number of courses are available so that The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast students may earn their entire degree(s) with majors and emphases in the programs that follow. Because certain courses are not offered every semester, students are encouraged to be in regular contact with appropriate academic advisers.

Two Plus Two

Southern Miss Gulf Coast in cooperation with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and Pearl River Community College has designed bachelor’s degree programs in which the lower-division work is taken through the community colleges, and the upper-division work is completed at Southern Miss Gulf Coast. This concept has been formalized in the Two Plus Two agreement between the participating institutions. The concept assures a smooth transition for students who transfer from one of the participating community colleges.

The Two Plus Two program sheets found at www.usm.edu/gulfcoast/admissions are for the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree requirements. Some of the programs in other areas offer the option for a Bachelor of Arts degree. Consult Southern Miss Gulf Coast to discuss the possibility of a Bachelor of Arts degree in areas other than liberal arts.

Some courses in the Two Plus Two programs can be taken at either the community colleges or Southern Miss Gulf Coast. Students should consult their Southern Miss Gulf Coast academic adviser to discuss these options.

Each student has final responsibility to ascertain that he or she has complied with all applicable university publication requirements for graduation. Faculty and academic advisers cannot waive or vary degree requirements.