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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Programs and Services

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Parking and Transit Services

​Vehicle Registration

The University utilizes a license plate recognition (LPR) system on all University owned and controlled properties. Physical permits are no longer issued. License plates are used to verify that a vehicle can park at a particular location on university property. Faculty, staff and students are allowed up to four vehicles registered to their virtual permit; however, only one vehicle is allowed to park on university property at any given time.

Virtual Parking Permits is an electronic authorization for an individual to park a vehicle on a university campus or teaching/research site in a specified parking zone.

E-Citation (citation) is an electronic citation via email (with the exception of non-registered vehicles). Non-registered vehicles will receive a citation on the windshield indicating a violation has been issued.

Faculty, staff and students are required to register online at www.usm.edu/parking-transit-services to obtain a parking permit. Parking registration is an individual responsibility.  Parking permit are issued to individuals, and ownership is nontransferable. By obtaining a permit, the permit holder agrees to become familiar with and abide by the parking and traffic regulations.


A visitor is any person, other than a faculty, staff, student or contract employee, who parks a vehicle on a campus on infrequent occasions. Visitors must obtain a visitor pass and park in legal parking spaces. Visitors who park frequently on our campuses or teaching / research sites must register for a parking permit and are subject to all regulations herein. Visitors can also retrieve a visitor pass online @ $2.00 per day. 

Gulf Park Campus

  • Visit the Department of Parking and Transit Services: 138 Beach Park Place. Visitors must show a valid driver’s license to obtain a visitor pass.

GCRL (including Halstead Road and Cedar Point locations)

  • Visit the Business and Financial Affairs Office in the Oceanography Building (on Halstead Road). Visitors must show a valid driver’s license to obtain a visitor pass.

Parking &Transit Services
138 Beach Park Place
Long Beach, MS 39560


The Gulf Coast Bookstore location in Long Beach offers course materials for all Gulf Coast sections including Gulf Park, GCRL, and Stennis.  All Hattiesburg section course materials are located at the Hattiesburg Campus Bookstore.  Students with online courses can order at shopsouthernmiss.com and choose delivery or in-store pick-up.  Buyback will be held on a daily basis at the Gulf Park Bookstore.

Disability Accommodations (ODA)

In accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (of 1990), Southern Miss does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to, or treatment of employment in its programs or activities. Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities are provided through the Office of Disability Accommodations (ODA). ODA verifies eligibility for accommodations and works with eligible students to develop and coordinate plans for the provision of accommodations. Eligible students include those who are enrolled in degree and nondegree programs offered by The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast, are considered qualified to meet all university program requirements despite a disability, and meet the definition of disability as defined by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the ADA.

Accommodations may include exam modifications, assistive technology, document conversion, interpreters, note-takers and readers. In order to receive appropriate and timely accommodations, eligible students should contact the ODA before the semester begins to complete our online application and submit documentation of disability for review. The ODA is committed to creating a positive campus environment where students with disabilities are encouraged to pursue careers o the basis of personal interest and ability.

For an application and disability documentation guidelines, please contact the Office for Disability Accommodations (ODA), 118 College Drive #8586, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001, call 601.266.5024 or visit the website at www.usm.edu/oda. To register, complete the online application (available at www.usm.edu/oda) and submit documentation confirming the diagnosis of a disability. ODA will then contact the applicant to schedule an intake interview. Individuals with hearing impairments should use the Mississippi Relay Service at 800.582.2233 (TTY) to contact ODA.

Gulf Coast Library and Media Center

During 2002, Cox Library, Media Center and Curriculum Lab moved to the spacious new 55,000-square-foot building named The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Library and Media Center. Filled with natural light, this state-of-the-art facility offers computer work stations, a presentation room, group study rooms, and access to a 24/7 study space (accessible with a current USM I.D. card).

The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Library serves as a resource center for the Gulf Park campus. It contains collections of print and nonprint material that directly support the instructional programs offered by Southern Miss Gulf Coast. This includes over 100, 000 books, over 3000 dvds and cds, and 18,000 volumes in the Curriculum Lab. The library has access to over 200 electronic databases, many offering the full text of the articles. The library uses the Library of Congress Classification System. Special collections include the Curriculum Lab, the Gulf Park College for Women Archives, and the Hurricane Collection.

The university-wide library cooperative program gives Gulf Coast students and faculty access to most library resources on the Southern Miss campus in Hattiesburg. This program is facilitated by The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries’ online catalog, which can be searched in The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Library, as well as by remote access via the Internet, and/or from a home or office computer. A thrice-weekly shuttle transports library materials between the Southern Miss Hattiesburg campus and the Gulf Park campus. The shuttle transports materials twice a week between GCRL and the Gulf Park campus. Materials not available in The University of Southern Mississippi libraries are borrowed through interlibrary loan services from other lending libraries throughout the United States.

Audiovisual Services of The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Library Media Center has audiovisual equipment available for use by faculty, students and staff. Graphic Services of The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Library Media Center can generate for students, faculty and staff items such as transparencies, posters, labels, forms, newsletters and brochures, and can assist with designing displays and presentations.

Gulf Coast Geospatial Center

The Gulf Coast Geospatial Center is charged with building the university’s capability for applying remote sensing technologies in the coastal zone. The center acquires, coordinates, and manages extensive data sets of geospatial data related to the gulf region; and conducts research focused on coastal zone issues. The center also serves as the Mississippi Spatial Reference Center for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.


iTech Help Desk

The responsibility of managing technology on the Gulf Coast is placed in the Information Technology (iTech) Department. Technology issues are planned, installed, set up and maintained by technicians that reside at Stennis Space Center, Gulf Park and the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL) and Hattiesburg campus campus. For more information regarding technology services, you can visit the iTech website at http://www.usm.edu/itech.


The university provides Microsoft Office 365 licenses to all current Southern Miss students, faculty, and staff. Microsoft Office is available to all active students for free. In addition to having access to web versions, licensed users will be able to download Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus applications on up to 5 devices (PC, Mac, and/or mobile devices - Android or iOS).  For more information, please visit https://www.usm.edu/itech/microsoft-office-365

CampusID and Password Reset

After you have established your username and password, you can reset a lost or forgotten password by going to www.usm.edu/itech/campusid. CampusID will allow you to conveniently reset your passwords 24 hours a day.

Wireless Internet Access

The University of Southern Mississippi offers students, faculty, staff and guests access to wireless services. For more information about wireless services offered, go to the iTech website at www.usm.edu/itech/network-and-wireless-services 

Institute for Disability Studies Gulf Park

The Institute for Disability Studies (IDS) is all about people. For over 30 years, IDS has worked to provide technical assistance, training, resources, and supports for Mississippians with disabilities and their families. IDS is providing pathways to a better life for people of all ages—infants, toddlers, school-age children, youth, workers, parents, families and seniors. IDS provides opportunities for recreation, health, and relaxation through adapted recreation programs and assistive technology equipment, health and wellness programming, and family support and training for families of children with special healthcare needs.  IDS provides the following components at the Gulf Park Campus:

Lending Library

IDS Gulf Park offers a wide variety of assistive technology devices and recreational equipment available for check out for a 90-day period.Switches, puzzles, augmentative communication devices, iPads, assistive writing devices, as well as regular, switch-activated, and sensory stimulation toys and much more, are also available. IDS also provides beach and sports wheelchairs, hand bikes, kayaks adaptive golf gear, adaptive fishing gear, and adaptive work out equipment available for check-out.

Opportunities for Learning

IDS provides learning opportunities through professional development, as well as monthly training and education sessions.Training based on individual and organization needs is provided for professionals, parents, caregivers, and clients.


IDS Gulf Park provides many opportunities for athletics and physical activity through its wheelchair softball and basketball programs, golf, kayaking, tennis, archery, cycling, and an on-site fitness trail. IDS is a recognized Paralympic Sports Club that offers exhibitions, demonstrations, and Paralympic experiences year-round.

Fun Experiences

IDS promotes health through recreation and health and wellness programming and support. By offering pottery and art therapy, adaptive fishing, games, toys, an adaptive playground and monthly recreational opportunities for everyone, IDS provides numerous opportunities for fun and play.

Community Support

IDS provides opportunities to meet new people and make new friends who share similar experiences through support groups, community outreach, and resource training for the community.

Jack and Patti Phillips Workplace Learning and Performance Institute

Jack and Patti Phillips Workplace Learning and Performance Institute (WLPI) is the only state organization, public or private sector, with the broad-based conceptual workplace learning and performance experience and expertise needed to help build a sustainable human capital development infrastructure for Mississippi.