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2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Arts and Sciences

Dean’s Office

The dean is the chief administrative officer of the College of Arts and Sciences and is responsible for all operations of the college. Associate deans and assistants to the dean coordinate curriculum, research, external relations and a variety of administrative matters.

World Language Requirements

Bachelor of Arts degrees in anthropology, art, communication studies, criminal justice, English, world languages, history, advertising, entertainment industry, journalism, music, philosophy, economics, legal studies, and political science require proficiency in a world language. Not all of these languages will be available every year, so students should talk with their advisors about their language study to ensure that requirements can be fulfilled with their language of choice. The world language requirement is usually met with the completion of course level 202 or equivalent CLEP credit.

Students are encouraged to begin their study of a foreign language during the first semester of their freshman year. Students with previous language exposure (heritage speakers or high school experience) who begin at higher levels (e.g., 102, 201 or 202) may petition the school of their major for preceding courses to be waived. With the approval of their school director and the dean, international students may use their native language as an exemption from this requirement.

Students with previous language experience are encouraged to contact the School of Social Science and Global Studies for advising on proper enrollment. Up to 12 hours of course credit in French, German or Spanish can be acquired through the CLEP examination – see Credit by Examination section under University Academic Policies and Requirements in this Bulletin or contact the school.

College Academic Policies

Transfer Credits

Students who matriculate at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) as College of Arts and Sciences majors may not subsequently attend another institution of higher learning (e.g., community/junior college, four-year college or university) with the intention of transferring courses taken at these institutions back to their USM degree program unless they have received prior approval to take such courses by their school director and college dean.

University of Southern Mississippi students who take courses at another institution of higher learning without obtaining prior written approval of their director and dean may petition their director and dean for inclusion of such courses in their USM degree program, but approval will be granted only if the reasons for not obtaining prior approval are substantial and warrant such an exception to the above-stated policy.

University of Southern Mississippi students majoring in degree programs outside the College of Arts and Sciences who subsequently request transfer into one of the College of Arts and Sciences degree programs must meet all of the above conditions or receive prior approval by their new director and dean for any exceptions.

College Recommendations

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