May 15, 2021  
2012-2013 Graduate Bulletin 
2012-2013 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geography, M.S.

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Geography Program

The Department of Geography and Geology offers a program of study and research leading to a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in Geography. The curriculum is designed to provide a thorough understanding of geography as a profession, as well as a solid foundation for continued work towards a Doctor of Philosophy in Geography or a related field. The program provides students with a knowledge of the history, theory, content, and techniques of geography. Graduate students can design their course of study/research and concentrate in one of the subfields of geography that the faculty support. These areas include, but are not limited to, geospatial technologies (remote sensing, GIS, cartography), cultural-historical geography, coastal geography, environmental change, biogeography, landscape ecology, resource management, Latin America and the U.S. South.

Admission Requirements - Geography

The department encourages all interested candidates to apply. An undergraduate degree in geography is not a prerequisite.

  1. Applicants must have a 3.0 (4.0 scale) grade point average over the last sixty (60) hours of undergraduate study.
  2. Applicants must also submit official GRE scores to Graduate School. Students whose native language is not English must achieve a official TOEFL score of 560 or higher.
  3. Students with a non-geography degree may be required to take courses to cover their deficiencies. In exceptional cases, students may be admitted conditionally. Such students must earn a 3.0 on the first nine (9) semester hours of coursework numbered 500 or above or on all coursework taken while completing this nine (9) hour requirement in order to qualify for regular admission.
  4. Applicants must also send three letters of recommendation to the Department of Geography, care of the graduate coordinator.
  5. Applicants must also send a personal statement as to why they want to enter the program. This statement should be limited to 750 words and should also be sent to the Geography graduate coordinator in the Department of Geography and Geology.

Plan of Study. Students must submit their signed, official Plan of Study Form to the Graduate School by the end of the second semester they are enrolled. The Plan of Study Forms are available at - click on the "Plans of Study" link.

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

All faculty holding Regular or Associate graduate faculty status, must complete RCR training modules required by the Graduate School and their departments. All graduate students must complete the RCR training modules required by the Graduate School and their departments the first semester there are enrolled in graduate school. The RCR policy and training information are found on the Graduate School web page – Contact the Dean of the Graduate School if you have any questions regarding the policy of training information.

Master of Science Program

Degree Requirements - Geography

  1. A minimum of thirty-six (36) semester hours in graduate-level geography courses with at least eighteen (18) hours of work in courses at the 600-level (or higher). With the approval of the major professor, the student has an option of taking (outside the department) up to twelve (12) semester hours of cognate courses within the minimum hourly requirements.
  2. GHY 710  and GHY 780 . These courses are required of all students.
  3. Demonstrated proficiency in cartography and statistical/quantitative methods. Proficiency is generally established (on an individual basis) by evidence of satisfactory completion of coursework in these areas sometime in a student’s academic career, at either the graduate or undergraduate level.
  4. A thesis or a paper of professional quality. The thesis will confer six (6) semester hours credit to be counted as part of the total minimum hourly requirement for the degree. The paper, which will normally be the end product of work begun in a seminar, will confer no credit hours toward the minimum required for the degree.
  5. Successful completion of an oral and written comprehensive examination on the student’s academic program. Students writing a thesis will take an oral defense of the thesis which includes an oral comprehensive exam. Students choosing the option of preparing a paper of professional quality will have the paper reviewed by the department faculty and will present it orally before the combined faculty.
  6. A 3.0 GPA required for graduation
  7. Students must meet the requirement for continuous enrollment specified in the front section of this Bulletin.

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