Aug 13, 2020  
2014-2015 Graduate Bulletin 
2014-2015 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Accountancy

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Gwendolyn A. Pate, Ph.D., C.P.A., Director
Amber Hatten, M.P.A., C.P.A.. MPA Program Coordinator
118 College Drive #5096
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001

Adkins, M. Anderson, Hatten, S. Jackson, Parker, Pate, W. R. Smith, Turner


The School of Accountancy (SOA) is an academic unit within the College of Business (COB) at The University of Southern Mississippi and is committed to the mission of the COB. Within this framework, the SOA has its own unique mission.

The primary mission of the accounting program is to (1) provide quality undergraduate business education to South Mississippi students with an entryway to the accounting community and (2) to provide quality graduate accounting education to prepare South Mississippi students for professional employment.

To accomplish this mission, the accounting faculty strives to produce BSBA graduates who are competent in entry-level business and accounting positions and have the educational background necessary for advancement. MPA graduates are expected to be competent in professional accounting positions and have to have the educational background that will enable them to advance in the accounting profession. The program will also provide quality accounting education to other students whose chosen curriculum includes accounting. Therefore, as its first priority, the SOA emphasizes excellent teaching in an environment of continuous curriculum development. The SOA also encourages scholarly, professionally, and pedagogical research as well as professional service to maintain the currency of its faculty and curriculum.

The objective of the graduate curriculum is to provide more depth and breadth in accounting and related subjects than can be accomplished in a four-year program. Enrollment in the school's graduate program is limited to those students who show a high probability of success.

Admission to the Program

Admission requirements and procedures are the same as for the M.B.A. program.

Graduation and Retention Standards

Graduation and retention standards for the M.P.A. program are the same as those listed for the M.B.A. program.

Continuous Enrollment Requirement: Students must meet the requirement specified in the front section of this Bulletin.

Research and Scholarly Integrity Education

All faculty holding Regular or Associate graduate faculty status, must complete CITI training modules required by the Graduate School and their departments. All graduate students must complete the CITI training modules required by the Graduate School and their departments the first semester they are enrolled in graduate school. The RSIE policy and training information are found on the Graduate School web page – Contact the Dean of the Graduate School if you have any questions regarding the policy of training information.

Plan of Study. Students must submit their signed, official Plan of Study Form to the Graduate School by the end of the first semester they are enrolled. The Plan of Study Forms are available at - click on the "Plans of Study" link.


    Master of Professional Accountancy

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