Jun 13, 2021  
2013-2014 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Philosophy and Religion

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David M. Holley, Chair
118 College Drive, Box 5015
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001

Bruton, Capper Jr., DeArmey, Eickelmann, Hardman, Meyers, Mullican, Rempel, Slagle, Smithka

The mission of the Department of Philosophy and Religion is to offer opportunities for engagement with historical and contemporary areas of philosophy and with the religious traditions of the world. We seek to enrich the educational experience of students at The University of Southern Mississippi by helping them to understand ideas and practices that have shaped our world and involving them in critical thinking about their own fundamental beliefs and values. For both students and the wider community, we seek to create learning opportunities that illuminate the ethical dimensions of professional activity and encourage thoughtful and responsible citizenship.

The department offers programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts with a major in philosophy or a major in religion. These majors offer a strong grounding for students who are interested in pursuing graduate study in philosophy or religion. The majors are also attractive to students who seek a broad liberal arts background in preparation for professional studies in fields such as law, medicine, theology or business. Many students with an interest in these areas choose philosophy or religion as a second major.

Requirements for a Major in Philosophy

The major in philosophy requires 30 semester hours, including PHI 151 - Introduction to Philosophy , PHI 253 - Logic , PHI 356 - Ethics , PHI 410 - Classical Philosophy , PHI 412 - Modern Philosophy , a capstone course PHI 480 - Philosophical Discourse , and 12 semester hours of philosophy electives (or nine hours of philosophy electives and three hours of upper-level religion electives).

Requirements for a Major in Religion

A major in religion requires 30 semester hours, including REL 131 - Comparative Religion , PHI 372 - Philosophy of Religion , three semester hours in an Abrahamic religious tradition, three semester hours in a non-Abrahamic religious tradition, a REL 480 - Senior Capstone in Religion  and 15 semester hours of electives in religion or designated religion courses in other departments.


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