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2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Office of the Dean, Science and Technology

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Dr. David T. Hayhurst, Dean
118 College Drive, Box 5165
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001
Fax: 601.266.5829

Deidra Minor, Coordinator

Applied Technology Program

Professionals in this program integrate important skills in business, information technology and production processes. By applying these to the development of a highly skilled workforce and the integration of new technologies in the workplace, graduates of the program are prepared to meet the challenges of the new economy with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The program is designed for professionals who have completed technical course work and desire to advance their careers. By allowing up to 36 hours of technical credits to transfer as electives, this program allows students working in technical fields the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree with an applied focus.

General Education Curriculum 38
Business skills requirements  
  ACC 200 , MGT 300 , MIS 300 , MKT 300   12
Computer skills requirements  
  CSC 309 , CSS 331  or IT 361 , CSS 404  or IT 363 , CSS 333  or IT 375   12
Engineering technology skills requirements  
  IET 405 , IET 406 , IET 414   9
Applied technology skills requirements  
  APT 400 , HCD 460 , APT 410   9
Electives 40
    Total: 120

Choose electives as needed. Forty-five hours at 300- to 400-level and a minimum of 120 hours is required of graduation (minimum of 62 hours from a four-year college).

  1. A maximum five hours of electives at the 300/400-level required to meet the 45-hour 300/400-level requirement
  2. MGT 300 MIS 300  and MKT 300  require junior standing.


    Bachelor of ScienceNon-degree

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